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Scurt articol despre experienta bursei Erasmus in Olanda. The Harold.

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Mi-am adus aminte că prin aprilie am scris și noi un scurt articol apărut în The Harold Aprilie 2011, pagina  3-4:
"Student placements
Andrei Popirda and Ionut Grecu are on placement here from the Romanian Orthodox Faculty in Iasi under the Erasmus exchange programme. They depart Monday 9 May and will spend a few days in Budapest (with our pastor) at the ‘Hope for Europe’ Congress.
From our Romanian students
Ionut writes: “Coming from the east-European land of Romania, Rotterdam meant for me a spirit’s adventure into which I enjoyed throwing myself in, but not without being initiated and guided by the character of a mythological Hermes, so I won’t get lost into the moderntraditional labyrinth of the conjunction point of an international community. The initiation has been achieved, but the adventure isn’t over! Regarding from the past towards the future, from the perspective of a big Christian family, the horizon seems to have for me new interconfessional and intercultural dimensions towards my formation as a future minister.”
Andrei writes: “The interaction with everything that has a connection with the Dutch culture, the Scots International Church and a multicultural environment, gave me the opportunity to better grasp and manage interfaith and intercultural differences, helping me to assimilate only the good things and applying them when it’s going to be necessary. I’ve also learned modern urban ministry techniques which will prove to be very useful for me as a future Orthodox priest. With this unique opportunity I’ve made lots of new friends and connections with the Romanian, Dutch and many other nationalities amongst Scots churchgoers.”

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